The Psychological Factors of An Elite Military

I hate to sound so skeptical but it sounds like the Marine Corps wants to use psychological tools to find more ‘resilient’ troops so they can beat the hell out of them before they destroy them forever. This myth that we have Übermensch straddles lines of reality and humanity. Instead of using troops for one or two tours we are moving more toward the hardened selection and elitism that reminds me more of KGB and SS. I do support training and use of elite soldiers but I fear the resilience factor will select for sociopathy as well. On the one hand I feel like a paranoid survivalist- the elites could become forces of juntas or Beer Hall Putsches and the humanist worrying about the destruction of many of our best, brightest and most resilient troops overused and destroyed by the overhyping, brainwashing and delusional culture elitism can cultivate. (I doubt any Pentagon or VA folks have studied the way PTSD impacts special ops guys with 10 deployments. After that much carnage return to civilian life would seem impossible.) Perhaps I am slow to adjust but .75% of population further narrowed to a select few used until broken sounds like a fiscally and politically appealing short term security solution but one with unforeseen hazards and consequences. Editorial ended.