60 Minutes Marine Reunion Interview: 2009 Golf Company, 2nd Battalion of the 8th Marines, Scott Palley’s Superb Interview


For the all the controversy surrounding the validity and accuracy of war correspondence, stolen honor, bloviating and other questionable journalistic behaviors, Scott Pelley’s 60 minute interview with Golf Company, 2nd Battalion of the 8th Marines, displayed not only journalistic integrity but superior sensitivity and skill in dealing with combat Marines at various levels of readjustment. Scott Pelley clearly communicated sensitivity, empathy, and respect. He knew these men and respected their struggle. He demonstrated a mature and knowing sensitivity beyond the skill-set of many new and seasoned mental health professionals. Viewers witnessed respective disclosure which was instructive as well as constructive. Too many vetrans are forced to provide painful details to people they do not know or professionals who follow a mission disconnected from reality and readiness. I do not want to sound polemic or critical of my profession but I am witnessing too many iatrogenic (treatment caused) injuries from providers and institutions not as skilled as a CBS journalist. One Marine stated it with clarity: “it never goes away, you just have to learn to live with it”. Others spoke about the comradere and sense of purpose. One tearful Marine spoke about survivor guilt – he lost his closest friend to an IED. Palley’s interview modeled a process of articulation, patience, acceptance and respect – well beyond the so-called gold standards embraced by too many providers.  Give me Pelley’s grace, style and respect coupled with a certified canine support over any  poorly delivered ‘evidence-based’ bloviation. Our soldiers need the best care we can offer. Mr. Palley, if you get tired of journalism you have another career ready for deployment.