Outstanding New Book

The Evil Hours: A Biography of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Kindle Edition)
Mr. Morris provides journalistic eloquence, personal intimacy, an excellent history and an honest overview of the complex features, treatments and foundations of PTSD. He is articulate and provides an accurate critique of highly touted but fundamentally flawed, mechanistic and reductionistic therapeutic approaches. He captures the essence of the experience of surviving trauma without being haughty or pedantic. Although he does not sufficiently address co-occurring alcoholism he does warn readers about risks of drug addiction. He provides an outstanding history of PTSD from ancient literature, modern underpinnings and the world changing events during and after Vietnam. His voice is honest, pragmatic and will validate as well as educate readers with active symptoms. He is not afraid to challenge hype or institutional dishonesty. He has written a book I have added to my suggested readings for new clients. I have recommended it to my Vietnam veterans, younger veterans and colleagues. I am hoping this book gets the readership and recognition it deserves. Not only has the writing of this book helped the author, it has the potential of helping readers and providers. More ambitiously I am hoping this book begins a shift back toward therapy as an art form not an assembly line. An ambitious work of outstanding scope, not perfect, but the best contribution I have seen in decades.